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I help people improve their relationships with their bodies.

What I do

Ergonomics Consulting

I make the workplace more productive, safe, and pleasant. Ergonomics is about fitting the workplace to the worker.

Yoga Instruction

I am a Yoga Alliance registered teacher (RYT 200). I teach classes and give private lessons in the Jerusalem area.

Boost energy and prevent fatigue

Increase productivity and focus


Select the correct furniture

Decrease pain and reduce risk of injury

Strengthen employee satisfaction

Learn healthier habits

Ellen Buckstein

I have been helping people to sit and move comfortably since 1998. I am always looking for ways to help people improve their relationships with their bodies.

As an ergonomics consultant I give advice to companies, small businesses, home offices and individuals to provide cost effective solutions. I also teach yoga in Jerusalem to groups and individuals.

I am certified by the Wingate Institute in Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics Consulting and I am a RYT 200 certified yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. I received my MBA from New York University. A native English speaker, I have been working in Hebrew for twenty years.

My Clients Include:

From my Blog

Yoga Stretches You Can do at Your Desk

Here are some stretches that you can do right at your desk to relieve shoulders and back that ache from hunching over your computer. Do these stretches in the middle of the day and not only will you feel invigorated, you will actually be reducing your risk of a work...

Product Review: The NetOne Chair by Ergotherapy

The chair is still king of the office. People often ask me why they a need a good office chair if the goal is to be standing much of the time.  Even if you have already moved to a sit-stand workstation the chair is still important. Neither standing nor sitting...

Why Adapt your Body when you can Change the Environment?

I love yoga and ergonomics because both are about adapting the situation to the needs of a real person and not the person to the situation. In ergonomics, it's equipment and setup that must fit an individual's needs. In yoga, it's the poses. Ergonomics is about...

How to Identify and Correct your Posture Type

Why is Correct Posture Important? Your spine functions best to transfer weight efficiently when it is in its neutral, or “S” shaped curve. Identifying your posture is the first step to reducing fatigue by lengthening short, tight muscles and strengthening weak,...