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If you are uncomfortable at work, you might be risking your ability to ensure a secure livelihood for yourself and your family.  Have you identified the source of your discomfort?

The questions below are designed to help you prevent loss of work time and income from an ergonomic injury.

  1. Was your current setup designed for the way you work and the tasks you perform?
  2. Is your furniture and equipment designed for someone your size or at least fully adjustable?
  3. Are you fully familiar with the adjustable features of your furniture and equipment? (Most people do not know what all the handles under their chair do).
  4. Does your setup suit your personal preferences for light, space, posture, need to move around?
  5.  Are you adjusting yourself to the current setup (i.e. working in unhealthy postures) rather than changing the setup?
  6. Do you alternate your working postures during the day?
  7. Do you get up and move around frequently during the day?
  8. Is your musculoskeletal discomfort getting worse over time?
  9. Is your productivity affected?
  10. Are you concerned that pain or injury will affect your ability to continue working?
  11. Can you afford to have your output reduced due to work related upper limb disorders?
  12. What is the cost of NOT making any changes?

Most people lack the training to identify and eliminate ergonomic risks.  They wait until their ability to continue working is threatened. I want to help make your workplace more pleasant, productive and safe before that happens.

The best time to organize an ergonomic risk assessment is before discomfort, pain or injury affect productivity.  It’s the ABC’s of workplace safety and health. Contact me to book an ergonomic consultation today.