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Corporate Ergonomics Consulting Services 

Customized Presentations for Your Company: A Key Component of Your Corporate Health and Wellness Program.

An office presentation on ergonomics promotes preventive health care as a corporate value. Our expertise is office and computer ergonomics. With your permission, we build our presentation using photographs of your staff at their workstations. We emphasize increased awareness and the risks of maintaining poor postures and positioning. All presentations include practical tips of a general nature to reduce the risk of pain and injury.

Presentations focus on the benefits of working in a safe, pleasant and productive workplace. Using your staff as the subject of our presentation keeps it interesting and relevant. We offer simple suggestions for change and improvement.

We always emphasize the importance of movement and the risks of maintaining static postures for long periods of time.

Individual Workstation Analysis

Ergonomics risk evaluation at individual workstations is a key part of your corporate health and wellness program. We go from workstation to workstation, observing and photographing employees on the job. We provide a professional evaluation of their risk of sustaining an injury related to their job. We make recommendations and can help you implement them. Our focus is on awareness of habits, workstation arrangement and postures.

If you are interested in making changes to furniture and equipment to individual workstations we can make recommendations and help you source suppliers. We only suggest changes to furniture and equipment once approved by management.

We provide consulting services to corporate and home offices.

Corporate Yoga

Corporate yoga has been linked to diminished fatigue and increased concentration and productivity.  Yoga in the middle of the working day is a valuable tool for decreasing stress, lowering blood pressure and breaking up long periods of static behaviour.  It reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury and improves worker morale.
Our partner, Ingrid Aria,  (theyogahomeschool.com) has been sharing the transformational benefits of yoga with individuals, groups and corporations since 2009.  She is the founder of Jerusalem’s Yoga Alliance registered The Yoga Homeschool.

Newsletter and Blog

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