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About Ellen Buckstein

I have been Ellen Bucksteinhelping people to sit and move comfortably since 1998. As an importer of orthopedic seating solutions and Sole Custom Footbeds, I have partnered with the leading ergonomics experts in Israel including occupational therapists, experts in customizing workstations for the disabled, seating laboratories in rehabilitation facilities, office furniture experts, occupational safety and health officers, ergonomic advisors and the sports medicine community.

I can help you be more productive.  Fatigue and pain result in compromised productivity.  I am committed to increasing your productivity and reducing your risk of work related pain and injury.  I have a trained eye for observing poor ergonomics and coming up with solutions.  I am always looking for ways to improve the way people move in their space.  I work with companies, small businesses, home offices and individuals to provide cost effective solutions.


I received my MBA from NYU and am certified by the Wingate Institute in Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics Consulting. I am a native English speaker who has been working in Hebrew for sixteen years.

SATISFIED CUSTOMERS include: Coca Cola, Neviot, Tara, Weizmann Institute, Dead Sea Works group of companies, Aminach, Clalit Health Services, Angel Bakeries, among others.

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