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Most computer monitors are positioned incorrectly. None of the reasons given below make much sense but with the countdown to Reason #1 the logic gets downright scary.

Here is a list of the top ten reasons people give for positioning their monitors where they have to strain their necks to see them.

10. They read somewhere that you’re supposed to do it.  This is the answer most frequently given to explain why people stack up packages of printer paper to raise their monitors to heights which are not recommended i.e. above eye level.  

9 They think they have a corner desk.   A desk and a side table pushed together at right angles do not constitute a corner desk.  A corner desk is rounded on the inside which allows the user to actually sit in the corner.

8.  They want to be able to see guests.  This apparent conflict can be easily resolved with a hinged monitor arm that allows for effortless repositioning.

7 The monitor height is not adjustable and does not move with them when they switch from sitting to working at the computer standing up. An adjustable sit-stand work station is one solution among many.

Your cables might be short but the muscles in your neck are a lot shorter.

6Desktop clutter prevents the monitor from being moved forward or backward on the desk.

5.  Prime desktop real estate is taken. Something else, like a scanner or printer, is sitting where the monitor should be.

4.  The setup came with the office. Many people inherit inappropriate furniture and equipment when they move offices. The setup of the furniture and equipment was chosen by somebody else.   Choose a setup that works for you.

3.  They got a new larger monitor. Larger screen size requires an adjustment to your distance.

2They don’t know how to change the font.   You should be able to stretch out your forearm and reach your screen. If you can’t read what’s on your screen, learn how to change the font.

1. The cables are too short.  This is the most common reason given for placing a monitor where you have to turn your neck to see it. I hear it all the time from people who work in corporations and have in house tech support only a phone call away who could easily come and switch the cables.

Your cables might be short but the muscles in your neck are a lot shorter.  If short cables are what is determining the placement of your monitor, then don’t wait another day to replace them.

If your monitor is not centered on you and one or more of the reasons above sounds familiar,  you should investigate and make changes immediately.