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I’m an ergonomics consultant.
I make the workplace more productive, safe, and pleasant.

Boost energy and prevent fatigue

Increase productivity and focus


Select the correct furniture

Decrease pain and reduce risk of injury

Strengthen employee satisfaction

Learn healthier habits

Ellen Buckstein

Ergonomics Consultant

I have been helping people to sit and move comfortably since 1998. I am always looking for ways to improve the way people move in their space.  I work with companies, small businesses, home offices and individuals to provide cost effective solutions.

I received my MBA from NYU and am certified by the Wingate Institute in Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics Consulting. I am also a RYT 200 certified yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. A native English speaker, I have been working in Hebrew for sixteen years.

My Clients Include:

From my Blog

Stretches to do in your Chair

No matter how good or bad our home workplace setup, most people working from home are at higher ergonomic risk from maintained static postures than they were at the office. We just move around less.  We don’t walk to the bus.  We don’t...

More Yoga in Real Life

I love observing yoga in real life. In this beautiful rooted reclining pose, Suzi finds the perfect balance between stability and ease. A combination of Reclining Warrior III and Reclining Tree, this pose gives Suzi a sense of safety and repose. Supta Vrksasana...

The Seventh Inning Stretch

President William Howard Taft:  Too big for a standard chair I’m from Toronto, home of the Domed Stadium.  That means that even as a non fan of baseball,  I still loved going to games because of 1; The Domed Stadium 2; The Jumbotron and 3; The Seventh Inning...

Free Yoga Miniseries

Prepare for Pesach by taking time for yourself Free Yoga Miniseries March 01st, 08th, and 15th at 11:00 am Breathing. Grounding. Gentle Poses. Enter your email below to get an invite to the zoom link.