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ellen buckstein blogForty minutes into my waiting time at the supermarket checkout on a recent Thursday night, I hit the jackpot.  Suddenly, I’m not wasting my time, I’m working.  I’m doing a product review.  The woman ahead of me in line is practicing Apos Therapy.  Unlike me, she anticipated that she would be spending more than an hour on her feet at the supermarket. That’s why she regularly chooses to wear her specially fitted Apos Therapy shoes when grocery shopping.

Apos Therapy What is it? 

Apos Therapy is an Israeli treatment invented in the 1990’s and used worldwide for the relief of joint pain. Specially trained physiotherapists analyze the patient’s symptoms and gait.  Then they outfit a pair of high cut running shoes with two rubber domes. By introducing instability, the domes reduce the load on the knee joint.  The size and placement of the domes are customized for each patient.  Periodically, the patient returns for evaluation and the domes are changed or moved around. The wear pattern on the bottom of this woman’s shoes indicate that she is due for a visit, which she confirmed.

ellen bucksteinDo they Work?

Apos Therapy is recognized by most of the HMO’s in Israel.  They have been clinically tested.  Many users have told me that Apos Therapy cured their knee pain and in some cases that they allowed them to walk again. They are heavy, and they are expensive, but for people suffering with knee pain, they are worth looking into.