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Sitting for extended periods isn’t only bad for your health.  It’s bad for morale. It’s bad for concentration. It’s bad for productivity.

Recently, Stanford University Researchers found that walking enhances creating thinking, after as well as during.

Sitting at your desk isn’t only bad for your posture.  It’s boring and limits your creative potential.

Given that movement improves worker productivity, the question employers should be asking themselves is how can they encourage as much movement as possible during the working day?

Introduce Movement at Work to Increase Creativity

In a previous post, I suggested ways to move around more during the day. Below are some simple suggestions for getting your employees moving and unleashing their creative potential.

  1. Schedule a walking meeting. 

The walking track pictured above surrounds one of the world’s largest nuclear generating facilities. One really shouldn’t have to work at a nuclear reactor to find conditions like these. Walking meetings can be held indoors.

2. Book meetings at the nearby park.

3. Short meetings can be standing meetings.  Since moving around is often more comfortable than standing, many people will use the opportunity for gentle stretching, which helps to prevent  ergonomic injury.

4. Start your office meeting with a chair yoga practice. It’s a team builder and will reinforce the message to stretch during the day.

Sitting at your desk isn’t only bad for your posture.  It’s boring and limits your creative potential.

5. Put in a game table. It will encourage employees to get up and move around. A pool table, nerf basketball all get people moving on their breaks and encourage collaboration.

6. Schedule your office meetings for the middle of the day to break up long hours of sitting and book them on another floor if possible. Suggest that everyone use the stairwell if possible.

In the short run, your esteem will go up in the eyes of your employees. In the long run you’ll be unleashing your employee’s creative potential and increasing productivity.