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Just because we are serious about ergonomics doesn’t mean we can’t approach the subject with a sense of humor.

Has mainstream media got carried away with ergonomics? With all important trends in health and wellness, some people tend to invest too much money in equipment, constantly drop buzzwords into everyday conversation without understanding the research behind them, or generally come off as more-ergonomic-than-thou in a disconcerting sort of way.

The 10 cartoons about ergonomics featured below are a reality check.  They remind us in the healthiest way possible to improve our work habits one step at a time.  They also make the point that a wholesale rejection of sitting in favor of standing is, well, ridiculous.

Behold some of the best cartoons about ergonomics that modern civilization has come up with.

1. The Physio Ball

Courtesy of The New Yorker, this one is one of my favorites.

2. Not ready to get rid of your chair?

The mock-up standing work station you come up with using cardboard boxes and packages of printer paper might be your first attempt at a sit stand workstation, but it shouldn’t be your last.


3.  Standing Room Only

What do you tell someone when you welcome them  to your standing-room only office? Previously suggested tips for staying active during the workday include having no guest chair in your office. It increases the likelihood of having standing meetings.


4. When you get a standing desk but you’re not totally committed

This is a slightly different interpretation of alternating standing with sitting work.


5. When just standing isn’t quite cutting it

Actually, this guy is onto something.  Movement really is better than standing. Of course, there are always treadmill desks.

Source: XKCD.com


6. When ergonomic awareness is pretentious

No matter what else you’re doing in life, hey, at least you’re standing while you’re doing it.

Source: Webdonuts.com


7. Getting in touch with your inner child

If the real goal is to not be sedentary, toddlers have it right.

Source: andertoons.com


8. Oh, to be young again…and get it right

Today’s kids are in a lot of trouble.  More time at the computer, chins bent to chest to look at tablets and text neck from all that time on hand held devices are just some of the  challenges whose effects won’t be felt until it’s too late.

Often, we can adopt negative habits that will take years to bear unwanted fruit.  Don’t wait until you’re in pain to make changes. Work to prevent pain in the first place.

Source: Jimnolansblog.com


9. That was easy

At the end of the day, it’s not necessarily equipment, but better habits, that will result in the biggest change.

Source: kickinthehead.org


10. It’s all about the attitude

You don’t have to improve your work habits and nobody can make you.  But realizing that your health, safety and productivity are on the line is the start to making meaningful changes to your habits and equipment.

Source: glasbergen.com