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After enjoying a personal yoga practice for more than ten years, I recently became a Certified Yoga Instructor through a Yoga Alliance affiliated school in Jerusalem.

I want to share the benefits of yoga because I believe that taking time to invest in your own health and wellbeing results in the kind of focussed, creating thinking that you need to function optimally.

Like good ergonomics, yoga is an important element of your Corporate Health and Wellness strategy.  For one thing, as osteopath Ian Wright puts it  “the problem is that even when people want to sit correctly, they cannot unless all their joints are free in all directions!”

It’s Great in the Workplace

In addition to making improved posture possible by opening and strengthening, yoga is an absolutely ideal way to introduce dynamic behavior into a long day spent in front of the computer.

The problem is that even when people want to sit correctly, they cannot unless all their joints are free in all directions. – Ian Wright

You can do chair yoga without even leaving your desk. Want to get moving?  A few minutes of sitting or gentle standing practice can be a great way to begin your office meetings.

If you’re lucky (or self employed) getting down on the mat during your work breaks can help alleviate those long hours of stationary behavior and stretch your overworked upper limbs.

Here’s your chance to open up your chest and reverse the collapsing posture from long hours of crouching over your computer.

Not Just Your Body…

And the physical benefits are only the beginning.

Yoga calms the mind and allows you to de-stress, improving your concentration and productivity.

Maybe you can’t practice yoga at your workplace. Practicing in your spare time allows you even more time to clear your mind. Creative channels open up.

When you feel better, you work better and you might see a surge in productivity as you learn to quiet your mind and pay attention to what’s going on in your body.

The philosophy behind Yoga can open up possibilities in every area of your life. Learning to set an intention for the present moment is as relevant to your performance at work as it is to your personal life.

Yoga is all about being mindful of your behavior, stopping and breathing, and bringing deliberate awareness to your body and thoughts. These are ideas that are just as important in the workplace as an investment in new furniture or equipment.

As I discover more, I hope to share ideas about incorporating yoga as an integral part of your personal and corporate wellness strategy. For now, keep in mind the first principle of yoga:  Cause no harm.