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Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

In rapelling,  it’s easy to understand the importance of finding that place where safety, balance, stability and ease combine to keep you performing at your peak without injury.

You also need to preserve your ability to perform at work long term  by preventing a costly musculoskeletal disorder.

The stable triangle shape that  is a favourite of engineers and designers is also ideal for standing.  When subjected to force, a triangle distributes weight down its sides.  Bicycles, for instance are built on double triangular shaped frames because their riders subject them to tremendous stresses.

So are bridges.

Benefits of Triangle Pose

Photo from Yoga Journal

In a yoga practice, triangle is a basic standing pose that enhances balance between front and back, right and left, stability and ease. By distributing your weight correctly through your feet and legs, the muscles of the back and upper body can enjoy some ease.

Like the rappeller (above) as our yogi leans over his front leg, he must shift his weight to his back foot to balance himself.  It’s the even distribution of weight over a stable base allows for a beautiful and easy alignment of his upper body.

Using the Power of the Triangle at Standing Workstations

The same principles apply at a standing workstation. Although I would prefer to see both workers above using an anti fatigue mat, the worker on the left is nonetheless standing on a stable base. He is supported from the ground up and his weight is equally distributed between both feet.  His hips are level.

In an ergonomic risk assessment, weight distributed evenly on a stable surface lowers overall risk significantly.

Unfortunately, many of us find ourselves leaning when we stand similar to the photo at right. When feet don’t provide a stable base, hips are out of alignment and so is the upper body. The result is hip and back pain.

Finding the balance between stability and ease, grounding down and standing tall, is beneficial for all of us. Triangle pose helps to heighten our awareness of correct standing, all the time.