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Much has been promised in terms of the long term health benefits of standing workstations including increased longevity and an end to obesity, type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Is standing at work really the key to better health and productivity or is it just a passing fad?

First of all, it’s not standing, but height adjustable workstations, that are recommended.

The goal is to reduce the amount of the time that you maintain in any static posture during the day and replace it with dynamic behavior.

Fixed Solutions Become a Problem

The problem with the standing workstation that you might have hacked on your own, is that it’s a pain to assemble and disassemble and you have nowhere to store the parts.

A standing workstation that is not adjustable is kind of like opening the domed stadium.  It’s a big commitment. If intermittent showers are forecast, you’d probably be better off with an umbrella.

The ease of moving between the two situations is critical to getting maximum benefit.

In order to succeed, any standing desk solution must feature a mechanism that allows you to switch from sitting to standing and back again effortlessly and in the minimum possible amount of time.

Otherwise, you just won’t alternate as frequently as you should.

Introducing the Varidesk

The Varidesk is an adjustable solution that looks good and adjusts easily.

As one client described it, “Every hour, I change from standing to sitting and back to standing again.”

There is a two-tier model for a desktop with separate monitor, or a one tier model for a laptop.  It’s important to choose the right one. 

A standing workstation that is not adjustable is kind of like opening the domed stadium.  It’s a big commitment.

The work surface is stable.  There is enough room for the mouse on the same level as the keyboard with plenty of space in front for forearm support. Room for forearm support is sorely lacking in many adjustable height work stations but it is critical in order to avoid shoulder and arm strain.  

Varidesk understands ergonomics and that’s why I like the company.

They make standing as comfortable as possible. The model I tried has a cutout in front for gentle support as you lean slightly forward. Accessories include adjustable monitor arms and anti-fatigue mats.

The Specs

At 15 kg, the Varidesk is not really a portable solution.  You are going to want to put it somewhere and leave it there.

Although the footplate is just under 70 cm, the higher you go, the more horizontal space you are going to need in front of your desk. And don’t forget, you also need somewhere to keep your chair handy.

Every hour, I change from standing to sitting and back to standing again. – A Satisfied Client 

Yes, Standing Really Increases Productivity

Increased productivity is the name of the game.  

Introducing a sit-stand workstation is the perfect opportunity to tweak your work habits.

If you can associate specific tasks with sitting and others with standing, this is your chance to improve both your concentration and your productivity as you focus on one task at a time and streamline your output.

This is the real reason I look forward to using the Varidesk: when standing, I spent less time procrastinating by engaging in low value activities.  Slouching makes me feel lazy.  Standing makes me feel empowered to work.

Getting Started

Although for most people, standing can improve overall health, it is absolutely necessary to determine if a standing workstation is appropriate for you and take care to alternate frequently between standing and sitting. 

All changes have a better chance of succeeding if introduced gradually.  With an adjustable height workstation it’s important to build strength slowly as your core, feet, legs and back slowly become accustomed to supporting your body.  Ten minutes per hour a few times a day is the correct way to begin, gradually building up to standing forty minutes at a time, several times per day.

If you want to get different results, you have to do things differently. Varidesk makes that possible by allowing you to try a height adjustable workstation.

Due to their excellent products, I have partnered with Varidesk and recommend them regularly to my clients. You can receive a free two week trial and a special discount on your order by mentioning  you read about Varidesk on this blog on here when you contact their Israel representative