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Sitting is bad.  Maintaining a static position might be worse. A sit-stand workstation is intended to allow you to shift positions all day, every day.  This is what a sit-stand workstation with brand name equipment looks like. The monitor riser moves up and down like a dream, allowing effortless alternating between standing and sitting. Below the monitor, shelves allows lots of room for a phone, keyboard and mouse on two levels.  Neck, arms and shoulder postures are aligned and relaxed, providing a nice break from twisting, bending or reaching.  In addition to lowering your ergonomic risk, standing has been proven to delay cell aging.  Yes, that is right.  Standing and not exercise may be the key to preventing your cells from aging prematurely.

Try different seating solutions


Many people like to alternate between a physio ball and a chair. Sitting on a ball keeps your core muscles engaged while the instability reminds you not to slump forward. And certainly you have to keep both feet on the ground, another plus.  If you have a good office chair, but never lean back into it, then you are not getting the benefit of proper back support anyway. Regardless what kind of chair you have it is a good idea to alternate.

Shared office, shared equipment

standing together

You might not have a large enough work space to keep both a physio ball and a chair within arm’s reach.  But if you share your office space you might be able to try different seating solutions without introducing one more chair into a tight space.

Take frequent breaks 


In theory, taking frequent breaks are more important than what you do during them. But obviously some activities are more beneficial than others.  What this position lacks in neck alignment, it makes up in emotional well-being.  This one is for the home office only.


The clutter-free desk

clutter free

Who wouldn’t want to sit at a desk like this one?

No clutter, no piles of papers, no unnecessary mess, no drinks holders.  Okay, so the owner is an industrial engineer with a template that only he can see for where every pen and staple belongs.  But don’t we all want to live like this?