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The chair is still king of the office.

People often ask me why they a need a good office chair if the goal is to be standing much of the time.  Even if you have already moved to a sit-stand workstation the chair is still important.

Neither standing nor sitting positions should be maintained for long periods. Alternating between them is the key to avoiding ergonomic injury.

I have spent years searching for a quality chair at an affordable price that I can recommend. It looks like I finally found one.

NetOne, a chair from the standing desk people

It’s not surprising that outstanding companies such as Humanscale, Herman Miller, and Steelcase  provide solutions for both sitting and standing. However Ergotherapy, the company founded by an Australian physiotherapist sensitive to the needs of the human body, has even gone a step further.  They’ve made it possible for more people to afford them.

The NetOne Chair by Ergotherapy is a great looking adjustable office chair that provides both comfort and support at an excellent price.

Different Sizes vs. Adjustability

Furniture is designed for people from the fifth to the ninety fifth centile in size.  Since no one solution can suit everybody, good office chairs are either available in different sizes or have adjustable features that cover a large range of humanity.  Ergotherapy has gone for maximum range adjustability.

The NetOne is a roomy chair with a seat that slides forward and back allowing full thigh support for a taller person when extended. It can also be raised up higher than most other chairs. At the other extreme, when drawn in, it leaves enough room behind the knee so that the rest of us don’t get the blood supply cut off to our lower legs.

Self-Adjusting Low Back Support

The adjustable recline and synchronized mechanism between back and seat are now standard features for any self-respecting office chair.  What’s unusual is that Ergotherapy has replaced the cumbersome sliding lumbar support panel with a pivot function.  The lower back support moves with you as you lean back, forward and even sideways.

While core muscle engagement and increased awareness of sitting upright are still essential to prevent slouching, the pivot is an impressive solution for preventing muscle fatigue much of the time.

3D Armrests

Armrests that move in three directions complete the list of adjustable necessities.  The armrests cannot be lowered out of the way entirely to allow you to sit under your desk and use your desk  for forearm support, which is unfortunate.  But they can be easily moved into a position where even a smaller person can use them for necessary forearm support while typing.

I’ve been trying out the NetOne for more than a month and I will be sorry when I have to give it back.

Due to their excellent products, I have partnered with Ergotherapy and recommend them regularly to my clients. You can try the chair at home and receive a special discount on your order by mentioning  you read about the NetOne here when you contact their Israel representative.