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1. Never, Ever Do Stupid Stuff Like This!

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We’ve all seen it at weddings, but if you’re carrying someone on your shoulders, make sure he weighs less than you do.  Your shoulders will thank you and so will your knees.

2. Replace Your Running Shoes Before The Soles Wear Out.

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Knee surgery is a lot more expensive than a new pair of shoes. The photos above shows my son’s running shoes worn out at the toe and heel, taken a mere 15 months after surgery for a torn meniscus.  He knows that proper footwear is necessary to support his knees.  Oy.

3. If Your Neck Hurts In The Morning, Look Into Replacing Your Pillow. 

ergonomics israel

You deserve a good night’s sleep. Whether or not you like the shape of the pillow at right, you have to love the way the neck is supported.  Pillows come in an ever more confusing variety of materials, (feather, viscoelastic memory foam, latex) and shapes.  Choose the one that’s most comfortable for you, but the important thing is that your neck should be supported in a straight line.

4. Use Your Backpack Properly

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A well designed backpack takes weight off your shoulders and prevents slouching forward to balance out weight that is concentrated at the lower back.  If your backpack doesn’t have a waist strap, then tighten the shoulder straps.  If your backpack has a waist strap, always, always use it.  This takes the weight off your shoulders and transfers it to your hips. It’s good to let the larger muscle groups do the work.

5. Always Practice Safe Lifting Techniques

ergonomics israel

This guy can’t see where he is going which is very dangerous.  Aside from that, his lifting technique is not too bad.  You can see by the upright position of his back that the boxes are empty, so he is not lifting too much weight.  Always bend at the knees, hold the load close to your body and don’t twist or bend at the waist. And don’t try lifting too much at once even if the load isn’t very heavy.