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I teach private and group yoga classes in the greater Jerusalem area, including at the Wolfson Medical Center in Rechavia.

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Ellen Buckstein

Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher 

Ergonomics Consultant, MBA


Recent Yoga Blog Posts

Stretches to do in your Chair

No matter how good or bad our home workplace setup, most people working from home are at higher ergonomic risk from maintained static postures than they were at the office. We just move around less.  We don’t walk to the bus.  We don’t...

More Yoga in Real Life

I love observing yoga in real life. In this beautiful rooted reclining pose, Suzi finds the perfect balance between stability and ease. A combination of Reclining Warrior III and Reclining Tree, this pose gives Suzi a sense of safety and repose. Supta Vrksasana...

Free Yoga Miniseries

Prepare for Pesach by taking time for yourself Free Yoga Miniseries March 01st, 08th, and 15th at 11:00 am Breathing. Grounding. Gentle Poses. Enter your email below to get an invite to the zoom link.

Stop Thinking about your Posture. Feel it.

Is it Possible to Improve Poor Posture? Recently a friend surprised me by saying to my kids, “Your mother has been observing and criticizing my posture for over 30 years”. I hadn’t realized that my interest in posture and its effects on our interaction with the world...

More Yoga in Real Life. The Beauty of Triangle Pose

photo Ellen Buckstein Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) In rapelling,  it's easy to understand the importance of finding that place where safety, balance, stability and ease combine to keep you performing at your peak without injury. You also need to preserve your ability...

Yoga in Real Life

Photo used with Permission Viparita Karani (Legs-up-the-Wall pose) On my street next to Jerusalem's beautiful Haas Promenade it is not uncommon to see bus drivers taking a break in their bus's shaded storage area.  But this morning I saw something that made me really...

Yoga Stretches You Can do at Your Desk

Here are some stretches that you can do right at your desk to relieve shoulders and back that ache from hunching over your computer. Do these stretches in the middle of the day and not only will you feel invigorated, you will actually be reducing your risk of a work...

Five Reasons to Practice Yoga (even if you’re not Flexible)

"I can't do yoga, I'm not flexible." That's the first thing most people say when I mention that I'm a yoga teacher. I assume they are referring to their bodies. Mental flexibility is a requirement to do yoga.  Physical flexibility is not. In fact, lack of flexibility...

Yoga: A Vital Part of your Corporate Health and Wellness Strategy

After enjoying a personal yoga practice for more than ten years, I recently became a Certified Yoga Instructor through a Yoga Alliance affiliated school in Jerusalem. I want to share the benefits of yoga because I believe that taking time to invest in your own health...